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Settlement Funds

Posted in Customer Support.

Settlement Funds We often receive calls from merchants who are puzzled by the difference between the sales that were settled on any given day and the amount of money that is deposited in their operating account. There are so many situations and reasons why deposits may not match the generated sales, some of which are […]

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End of 2017!

Posted in Dharma's Culture.

End of 2017! Welcome to the end of 2017 everyone! We are overwhelmed with preparations for all of the year-end holidays –- like Deviled Egg Day, Men Make Dinner Day, Sandwich Day, Dunce Day, Chaos Never Dies Day, Sadie Hawkins Day,  National Cashew Day, Bathtub Party Day, International Monkey Day, Festivus, National Fruitcake Day, Make […]

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Pacific Northwest Here We Come!

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Pacific Northwest Here We Come! Dharma Merchant Services is moving to the Pacific Northwest in December! A number of factors have converged in making this decision, and we are very excited to be operating out of our new office in Vancouver, Washington beginning December 18, 2017. Most of our staff are moving to the area […]

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New Employee Denieal Williams

Posted in Customer Support.

Denieal Williams Denieal Williams is the newest member of the Dharma team –– she joined us in June as a support specialist. Her background is in customer support and office support and management, and she will most likely be your first point-of-contact when you call in into Dharma for support. Although she was born in […]

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Optometrists in need of processing!

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There are several thousand optometrists that operate nationwide from within large, big-box retailers. Recently, a few of these retailers have stopped offering credit card processing to their in-house optometrists! This has left many optometrists scrambling for credit card processing at the last minute. Don’t let an unexpected business change result in paying high processing fees! By […]

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Giving Back – Mercy Corps

Posted in Dharma's Giving Back, Nonprofit, Social Responsibility.

Mercy Corps We’re proud to introduce this month’s Giving Back recipient. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian organization empowering people to recover from crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good. In more than 40 countries, they partner to put bold solutions into action, helping people triumph over adversity […]

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Women’s Equality Day

Posted in Social Responsibility.

Women’s Equality Day August 26 will mark the 97th anniversary of passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution – the Equal Rights  Amendment, which granted the right of women to vote. This, after it’s first introduction to Congress on behalf of Susan B. Anthony 42 years earlier! Ironically, in 1868, the 14th Amendment​ […]

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Fraud Alert!

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Fraud Alert! Stolen Credit card numbers are all the rage these days ever since the chip card (EMV) initiative began. Fraud Alert ! It seems that data encryption inherent in the new EMV activated point-of-sale devices has forced fraudsters to move to ecommerce sites, using their “card testing” schemes. Fraud rings have developed specialized servers […]

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