End of 2017

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National Maple Syrup Day image

End of 2017!

Welcome to the end of 2017 everyone! We are overwhelmed with preparations for all of the year-end holidays –- like Deviled Egg Day, Men Make Dinner Day, Sandwich Day, Dunce Day, Chaos Never Dies Day, Sadie Hawkins Day,  National Cashew Day, Bathtub Party Day, International Monkey Day, Festivus, National Fruitcake Day, Make up Your Mind Day, in addition to the usual cast of traditions.This is severely cutting into my couch surfing time as I am already waaay behind my workmates in watching all the cool Netflix series that are airing these days. Even my monthly workout at the gym is in jeopardy as I scramble to be ready for National Maple Syrup Day next month. Honestly, I don’t know how long I can keep up this pace, so as a time saver, I will finish with some classic clichés – I’m gonna bite the bullet to get the ball rolling and move the goalpost with my ducks in a row because at the end of the day it’s a no brainer to hit the ground running to drill down and make a little hay to move the needle for that low hanging fruit because with all due respect, it is what it is!

Finally, the Dharma Team wishes everyone a most joyful, abundant, and safe holiday season!