Settlement Funds

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Settlement Funds.

We often receive calls from merchants who are puzzled by the difference between the sales that were settled on any given day and the amount of money that is deposited in their operating account. There are so many situations and reasons why deposits may not match the generated sales, some of which are listed below.

  • Merchants with multiple terminals that may not batch out before the processor’s settlement time.
  • Many of Dharma’s long-term merchants may have weekend sales aggregated instead of entries that show each day’s activity.
  • Some merchants with required reserves will have a portion of funds withheld.
  • Any initiated chargebacks or associated fees may reduce an expected deposit.
  • Monthly fees such as PCI compliance, end-of-month support fees, etc. may be deducted accordingly.
  • A transaction which exceeds the normal high-ticket amount may be retained by the Loss Prevention department until the sale is verified.

No doubt this does not cover every possible scenario. Rest assured, Dharma is here to help! If you’re ever in question of an aspect of your processing and funding please don’t hesitate to reach on out to the support team.