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Finding Clover Kitchen Printers

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Clover Kitchen Printer

Where in the world are all the Clover Kitchen Printers? The global supply chain issues of 2020-21 are still playing out in merchant processing devices. One of the hardest hit areas Dharma has seen are the Clover accessories. Clover Kitchen Printers especially are in short supply, and Dharma is often out of them. But fear […]

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Accessing your Dharma Statement

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Getting to your Monthly Statement is easy We’ve had a lot of folks ask us how to get to their monthly statement. So much so that we wrote an FAQ about it. Within MX Merchant, you have access to your complete library of statements, for as long as you’ve had a Dharma account. Just follow […]

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Recent MX Merchant Updates

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MX Merchant – Managing Users, Passwords and 2FA We’ve been busy this holiday season adding a number of new FAQs about using MX Merchant. These updates include: As always, if you have feedback, or see something we’ve missed, feel free to drop us a line at support@dharmams.com and we’ll take care of it.

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Kris Schaeffer Interview with Jeff Marcous

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Starting a Conscious Company In this long-lost interview, Kris talks with Dharma Founder and Chief Evolutionary Office about what it’s like to approach the art of business with purpose and intent to create a healthy, vibrant company and culture. As Kris points out: “Not all new startups are millennials creating new high tech companies. There […]

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You’re Welcome!

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You’re Welcome!   “In 12 years of business I have fielded hundreds of sales calls from processors courting new business. Their sales tactics are typically aggressive and rely on fostering a notion that only they can save you from throwing away your money on other processors that are out to get ya. Finding a company […]

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My IP Address

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My IP Address Q: How do I find this?A: When you need to find your IP address for something like terminal setup or taking your quarterly scans for PCI compliance merchants might be asked to verify their IP address. Do you know what your IP address is, or how to find it? When it comes […]

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MX Merchant Notifications

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MX Merchant Logo

MX Merchant Notifications: The hands-off approach to keeping track of your business. New Priority Payments Merchants and merchants who have not had a chance to check out their Welcome Packets yet may not realize they have an online portal called MX Merchant included with the account. MX Merchant allows merchants to not only process transactions […]

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We Love Veterinarians!

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We Love Veterinarians! Veterinarians are essential healthcare providers, as many of us who have pets as members of our families discovered during the Covid pandemic. Maintaining the health of our pets is as important as maintaining our own health and Dharma is always grateful to support our veterinarian clients. Veterinarians have unique and special needs […]

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Spring 2021

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Image of a Groundhog

A New Kind of Spring This spring is a spring like no other in that our society is blooming and opening up after many long and dark seasons of pandemic-related seclusion and hibernation. And though not all of our staff at Dharma has received a vaccine, many in our local communities have and we are […]

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