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Fraud Alert!

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Fraud Alert! Stolen Credit card numbers are all the rage these days ever since the chip card (EMV) initiative began. Fraud Alert ! It seems that data encryption inherent in the new EMV activated point-of-sale devices has forced fraudsters to move to ecommerce sites, using their “card testing” schemes. Fraud rings have developed specialized servers …

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BIN-2 MasterCard Update

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BIN-2 MasterCard Update. You may have heard about the new “BIN-2” – aka “MasterCard” update. Recently, MasterCard has started allowing issuing banks to create MasterCard accounts with a new numbering system. In the past, all MasterCard account numbers always had a “5” prefix. (Similarly, Visa always starts with a “4”, AMEX always starts with a …

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Purpose & Business

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Purpose & Business. I recently returned from the Conscious Company Leaders Forum conference, which was held at a wonderful new learning center in Scotts Valley, CA called 1440 Multiversity. This small gathering drew participants from around the globe who are committed to the new green economy, the triple bottom line model, the social responsibility movement, …

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Interview with Dharma COO

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Interview with Dharma COO. Recent Cardrates.com interview with Dharma’s Nick Bencivenga: “As the move toward a cashless society accelerates, businesses are evolving to accept an array of payment methods. While the field is competitive, one payments processor is prioritizing the planet over profits. Dharma Merchant Services looks to not only streamline payments for businesses with its Interchange-plus pricing …

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The Present Parent Handbook

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The Present Parent Handbook. We’d like to introduce a very special book just released by a Dharma friend, Dr. Timothy Dukes: The Present Parent Handbook – 26 Simple Tools to Discover That This Moment, This Action, This Thought, This Feeling is Exactly Why I’m Here.  The role of a parent is more demanding than ever. …

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A Little History

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A Little History. This past March, Dharma Merchant Services celebrated its ten-year anniversary. A little history: I began working out of a spare bedroom in San Carlos, California, but quickly came to the conclusion that working from home simply wasn’t for me, as it seemed like every incredibly important phone call was interrupted by either …

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Relationship & Responsibilities

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Relationship & Responsibilities. As your Merchant Service Provider (MSP), it’s Dharma’s job to ensure that your accounts are registered with the card brands, and to help you accept payments with as little risk as possible. Ultimately, the risk of payment acceptance is your responsibility, but we provide the tools you need to safely and securely …

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