Press Coverage & Awards Commerce with a Conscience

“As the move toward a cashless society accelerates, businesses are evolving to accept an array of payment methods. While the field is competitive, one payments processor is prioritizing the planet over profits. Dharma Merchant Services looks to not only streamline payments for businesses with its Interchange-plus pricing model and hassle-free onboarding, but also to share revenue with important causes through philanthropic efforts. What that means is a clearer conscience, and a better bottom line, for their partner businesses.” Read more here.

June 2017

PAYMENTS SOURCE: Acquirers confront their ethics—and technology helps

December 2016

JUST MEANS: Business as a Force for Awakening: A Dharma Approach

June 2016

ISO&AGENT: EMV Held a Hidden Cost for ISOs

March 2016

Triple Pundit: Dharma Increases Lowest Staff Salaries to $70,000

September 15, 2015

The Green Sheet: Dharma Merchant Services Raises Salary Bar to $70,000

September 2015

Green Business Network: DMS Raises Entry Level Salaries to $70k

September 2015

Digital Transactions: Finding The Payoff in Nonprofits

April 2015

B Corporation: Dharma named “Best for Workers”

For the second year in a row, Dharma Merchant Services has been named as an honoree in the B Corporation’s Annual Best For The World awards in the category of  Best for Workers, recognized for creating the most positive worker impact. Honorees have earned a worker score in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment.

Please note: while Dharma was a Certified B Corp at the time this was published, it no longer is.

The Green Sheet: Fostering A Payments Culture Of Giving

January 2015

“Best of Category” Award

2015 Merchant Account News & Reviews

Nonprofit Times: Negotiating With Payment Processors

March 2014

Environmental Leader: Chemical Policy Reform

December 2013
The coalition, Companies for Safer Chemicals, says it will make a business argument for reforms that help companies bring safer, cleaner products to the marketplace. (Dharma is a founding coalition member.) Dharma Featured One of First Ca. B Corps

January 2012
Dharma Merchant Services was included in an article on about how Patagonia and other California-based companies were first embracing the opportunity to change their corporate status to become Benefit Corporations.

“Joining Patagonia in registering as a B Corp on the first available day were: DopeHut, Dharma Merchant Services, Give Something Back Office Supplies, Green Retirement Plans, Opticos Designs, Scientific Certification Systems, Solar Works, Sun Light & Power, Terrassure Sustainable Land & Resource Development, and Thinkshift Communications.”

Please note: while Dharma was a Certified B Corp at the time this was published, it no longer is.

Environmental Leader: Patagonia Pioneers Sustainability Legal Status

January 2012

CSRwire: Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Spur Creation of High Quality Jobs…

October 2011


Green America: BPA-free Cash Register Paper

April 2011

Green America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to Dharma Merchant Services

November 2009