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Kris Schaeffer Interview with Jeff Marcous

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Starting a Conscious Company In this long-lost interview, Kris talks with Dharma Founder and Chief Evolutionary Office about what it’s like to approach the art of business with purpose and intent to create a healthy, vibrant company and culture. As Kris points out: “Not all new startups are millennials creating new high tech companies. There […]

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You’re Welcome!

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You’re Welcome!   “In 12 years of business I have fielded hundreds of sales calls from processors courting new business. Their sales tactics are typically aggressive and rely on fostering a notion that only they can save you from throwing away your money on other processors that are out to get ya. Finding a company […]

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MX Merchant Notifications

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MX Merchant Logo

MX Merchant Notifications: The hands-off approach to keeping track of your business. New Priority Payments Merchants and merchants who have not had a chance to check out their Welcome Packets yet may not realize they have an online portal called MX Merchant included with the account. MX Merchant allows merchants to not only process transactions […]

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