Credit Card Processing for Optometrists – Dharma Merchant Services

A few large chain retailers have recently stopped offering in-store processing for optometrists – Dharma can help!

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There are several thousand optometrists that operate nationwide from within large, big-box retailers. Recently, a few of these retailers have stopped offering credit card processing to their in-house optometrists! This has left many optometrists scrambling for credit card processing at the last minute. Don’t let an unexpected business change result in paying high processing fees! By working with Dharma, you can get low-cost processing with industry-leading technology.

All optometrists will get access to Dharma’s low-cost interchange-plus pricing model. Take all forms of payment – chip cards, PIN debit, HSA/Flex spend cards, and Apple Pay with the newest equipment. Many optometrists are choosing the Clover Flex device for the portability and built-in printer/PIN-debit. Or, you can use a standalone credit card terminal like the Vx520, which connects to an internet or dial-up phone line.

No matter what equipment you choose, Dharma will support you with transparent terms, no long-term commitments, and a low-cost pricing structure to help your business thrive. Fill out a quick inquiry here to start a discussion with Dharma!