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MX Merchant Express makes COVID-safe processing convenient

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MX Merchant Express makes COVID-safe processing convenient. Many businesses thriving in the pandemic economy are using apps to process mobile and contactless payments. These apps make it easier to lower cash handling and enable some businesses to provide fast and convenient curbside service.  MX Merchant Express, the pared down mobile version of the desktop payment […]

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Mastercard New Logo

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MasterCard new logo

Mastercard New Logo Back in 2019 MasterCard dropped its name from the iconic Brand Mark for many uses. The interlocking red and yellow circles, known as the Mastercard Symbol, can now stand on its own. (The “old” logo has the words MasterCard in the two circles). So if you haven’t already, you need to update the logo on your […]

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Black History Month

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Black History Month Here at Dharma we  acknowledge and support Black History Month, an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. This year’s theme, The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, explores the African diaspora, and the spread of Black families across the United States.

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Getting Started with MX Merchant

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Getting Started with MX Merchant Once Dharma has given you access to your MX Merchant account, there are a few things you can do to complete the setup and customize some options that will be helpful going forward. The first is to go to “Apps” in the left-hand navigation bar and turn on any options […]

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Post to QuickBooks – Commerce Sync

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Post to QuickBooks – Commerce Sync The Commerce Sync APP Clover addon automates your bookkeeping by transferring your daily sales as a single entry into QuickBooks or Xero. Additional features include: • Support for multiple locations into the same or separate QuickBooks accounts • Sales by Category: transfer into distinct income accounts based on your […]

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CEO Winter 2021 Update

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Jeff Marcous

Dear Friends, Our team here at Dharma are feeling fortunate to have escaped 2020 with minimal harm or suffering on account of the near apocalyptic pandemic, political strife, social chaos, faltering economy and the never-ending lockdown. No one could have written this script 12 months ago as the year seemed to drag on with no relief in sight. […]

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1099s for 2020

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1099s for 2020 It’s that time of year again – 1099s for tax purposes. The 1099 for your 2020 merchant processing account(s) will automatically be mailed to you by the end of January. Should you require copies of prior year 1099s, you can request them by calling Dharma’s Support line (866-615-5157, Option 1) and selecting […]

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Giving Back – IIBA

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The International Institute of the Bay Area IIBA provides high-quality immigration legal services, education, and civic engagement opportunities to immigrants, refugees, and their families as they join and contribute to the community. With its eight offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that provide legal immigration and other services, as well as through its collaborative […]

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Void versus Credit Rumble

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Void versus Credit Rumble! I know we have addressed this previously, but this topic bears a reminder as it could save real dollars. A void transaction takes place when a customer requests a return of a sale or perhaps even when a merchant mistakenly charges a credit card in error, like perhaps ringing in $1000 […]

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