Getting Started with MX Merchant

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Getting Started with MX Merchant

Once Dharma has given you access to your MX Merchant account, there are a few things you can do to complete the setup and customize some options that will be helpful going forward.

The first is to go to “Apps” in the left-hand navigation bar and turn on any options you need for processing such as Invoice or One option that everyone should turn on is ControlScan, which you will use for your PCI Compliance.

Also, in the left-hand navigation under “Settings” are two important customizations: 1) In “Payments” you can set the time that your daily MX Merchant batch will close; and 2) In “Notifications” you can set up alerts for when key activities occur – we recommend alerts for Statements, PCI Compliance, and Chargebacks.

MX Merchant is also where you can find your monthly statements: under the “Account” section, select “Merchant Services” and in the popup list at the top of the page, select “Statements”; you will be brought to your most recent statement, with an option to see prior months. This barely scratches the surface of MX Merchant’s options, so please refer to our MX Merchant FAQ for more information.