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Card Processing for the Healthcare Field

Private and public medical office credit card processing assessed at the same low rate with our interchange-plus pricing for the best rates. Click through to read more!

Dental Office Credit Card Processing

Dental office credit card transactions with interchange-plus pricing at the same low rates. Credit card processing for patients made simple. Click through to read more!

Veterinary Credit Card Processing

When your patients have pet challenges, credit card processing should be a seamless and painless process. We can help make that possible. Click through to read more!

Credit Card Processing For Pet Services

Provide convenience and security for your customers. Consider credit card processing for your Pet Services. Dharma Merchant Services can set you up for success. Click through to read more!

PIN Debit Annual Fees

When you accept PIN debit transactions, you’re processing over different networks than what Visa/MasterCard/AMEX use. These PIN networks are managed separately, and charge annual fees for their usage to MSPs like Dharma. Dharma always passes these fees through at cost. Each PIN debit network has a different annual fee, ranging between $8 and $14 each. There are five networks: …