Why is my Funding Delayed?

A “Funding Hold” is when your transactions process, but the money doesn’t get deposited into your bank account. Most of the time, funds are held because the transaction processed fell outside of your typical processing parameters. Our risk protection team regularly monitors all accounts, and looks for abnormal trends, discrepancies, unusual patterns, and any other indicators of fraud. Fraudsters are unfortunately getting more and more devious, so we’re happy that our fraud protection team is out there watching our accounts, to ensure that your money stays safe! Here are the reasons why funding holds can occur and what you can do to avoid them:

You processed a large transaction, or you’ve processed more volume than normal. Whenever you exceed the settings in your “Fraud Protection Profile” (these are shared with you upon approval, in your welcome packet), this will automatically trigger some “red flags” with the fraud protection team. In order to release the funds, our team will need to review an invoice or receipt to ensure that it wasn’t fraudulent or made in error. You can avoid funding holds by proactively sending a copy of an invoice directly to Priority Payments, informing them the charge is valid. Invoices can be emailed to support@dharmams.com OR lossprevention@pps.io and must contain:

  • Description of the goods sold or the donation made
  • The full cost and terms of the sale
  • Customer contact/billing info
  • Any associated tracking/shipping information

Your checking account information is out of date or fees are overdue. If you change your checking account or for any reason we can’t withdraw the fees due, this will trigger a funding hold. Please reach out to us at support@dharmams.com or open a support ticket to initiate a checking account update if you need to have your funds deposited to a different account. Open a support ticket here.

We suspect that fraud is actually occurring on your account. If your account security is compromised and fraudulent transactions are suspected (for example hundreds of small transactions running per minute or excessive returns with no matching sales), this will trigger a funding hold so that we can mitigate any potential security and compliance issues. In this case it’s actually a good thing that your funds are held, so the best thing to do is to monitor your merchant account on a regular basis to catch this as soon as possible, then notify us immediately at 866- 615-5157 or support@dharmams.com. If our Fraud Protection Team caught it first and reaches out to you, please respond to them as soon as possible to help stop the fraud from continuing.