Android Friendly Credit Card Processing

Clover Go allows your business, and credit card processing, to be fully mobile on your Android device.

If you have an Android device, then your business has the ability to accept payments anywhere in the world. That’s right, Clover Go turns your device into a fully mobile point of sale terminal, and the app that comes with it is loaded with clever features that keep you on top of every transaction. Countless business owners have decided to make on the go payments with their Android smartphones, but what is that makes this method so appealing? Take a closer look, and see why.


What’s A Clover Go?

Clover Go connects to any smart device via the headphone jack. Though small, it is incredibly durable. Making it perfect for traveling merchants. This mobile transaction mammoth can handle up to 200 sales per charge, and features a USB recharging port. It is also versatile, working on both Apple and Android devices, so no one has to miss out on the benefits of mobile payments. It accepts both magnetic swipe cards and EMV chip cards, making payments easy for your customers. This small, sleek device is all you need to take payments anywhere in the world, and it only costs $99.

iPhone Credit Card Reader

Features That Make A Difference

Clover Go is packed full of features that help your business succeed. It is a First Data product, which means it connects directly to any First Data networks to make processing payments that much easier. It’s user friendly app keeps your transaction flow fast and simple, making each sale a delightful experience for you and your customers. You’ll also have the ability to access your account online to easily make changes, or set something new up. Each sale is tracked alongside your inventory, so you’ll know when you are running low on product. The app allows you to customize receipts, how the transaction flow takes place, add gratuity, accept tips, and even refund or void any transaction in it’s history. It’s also perfect for those with several employees or locations. You’ll be able to keep track of your employees’ user accounts, permissions on the app, and sales as well. Clover Go keeps you in full control of how your business functions, keeps you on top of things, and makes transactions a smooth experience on both sides of the sale.

iPhone Credit Card Reader

Secure, and Simple Management

The most common questions asked about mobile payments are about their level of security. Fraud is always in the back of everyone’s minds when using their card, but Clover Go offers you the protection that both you and your customer are looking for. Using the industry’s leading protection solution, TransArmor®, you can rest assured that everyone’s private information is kept safe, and secure. The device also utilizes Insightics® Solution. This nifty feature sends you a weekly email with a full breakdown of how your business performed, and feedback to help you improve that performance. Clover makes it easy to manage your business while knowing that everyone is protected by top level security.


A Truly Mobile Experience

If your business could benefit from becoming fully mobile, then take advantage of Clover Go‘s wonderful technology. Available here at Dharma, we keep our prices fair and leave everything on the table for you to see. No hidden fees in a sea of fine print. Take control of on the go sales and mobile business management while enjoying all of the great features that come with this device right from your Android.

Dharma Has The Solutions You Need

No matter what industry you work in, we can provide support when it comes to accepting credit card payments. We have solutions for storefronts, online, and mobile payments. You’ll be able to fully leverage the power of using credit cards for your business. You’ll present a professional image to your clients, and gain a leg up when it comes to outmaneuvering competitors who haven’t quite caught on yet.

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