Learn all about Clover!

Click through to read about Clover features, pricing, implementation, and more. Clover POS offers numerous options for all business types, and allows you to take EMV and Chip+PIN transactions with ease.

Clover Warranty

Larger Clover devices are eligible for “swap out” replacements, whereas smaller/ancillary devices qualify for dead-on-arrival replacements

Where do I get Clover Support?

Clover POS is not only easy-to-use, but it’s easy to get assistance and help, too. With an extensive knowledge base and “How-To” section, you’ll never be alone with Clover.

Customizing Clover for your Business

Clover has easy-to-use setup guides to customize Clover for Full-Service Restaurants, Quick-Service Restaurants, or Retail/Service establishments

Setting up Clover

Clover has detailed instructions on how to get started with the Clover system