Clover Healthcare

Learn more about the Clover Healthcare App, and its limitations.

The Basics

The Clover Healthcare App is designed to support most healthcare providers. Where it shines is in offices that only accept payments for healthcare-related services such as office visits, co-pays, HSA payments, and so on.

By Clover’s design, the Healthcare App is restricted to use only on Clover Flex and Clover Mini devices. Clover Station Pro, Station Solo and Station Duo products are not supported in healthcare environments.

Also, because of HIPAA requirements, any device running the Healthcare App is restricted from installing apps that access customer or inventory data. This means that if you also sell retail products in your healthcare center, you will need separate devices for healthcare payments and retail payments.

What MCCs are supported?

Again, due to HIPAA requirements, only certain merchant types can run the Healthcare App. And devices running the Healthcare App cannot also run most other apps. Merchants will not see the Install button for such apps on Clover’s App Market. If a merchant attempts to install an app that requires these permissions, they will be notified with a banner on Clover’s App Market.

The supported MCC codes for Healthcare App are:

MCC Code MCC Description
4199 Ambulance
5975 Hearing Aid
5976 Orthopedic Goods Artificial Limbs
5912 Pharmacies or Drug Stores
8011 Doctors and Physicians (Not Classified Elsewhere)
8021 Dentists and Orthodontists
8031 Osteopaths
8041 Chiropractors
8042 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists
8043 Opticians, Opticians Goods and Eyeglasses
8049 Podiatrists and Chiropodists
8050 Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
8062 Hospitals
8071 Medical and Dental Laboratories
8099 Medical Services and Health Practitioners (Not Classified Elsewhere)

Scope of Clover’s HIPAA Support

Clover uses MCCs to categorize merchants as healthcare merchants. These merchants must comply with HIPAA.

  • Clover for Healthcare is HIPAA exempt.
  • Clover for Healthcare takes advantage of a transaction-processing exemption within HIPAA and is HIPAA exempt.
  • HIPAA rules exempt financial institutions from HIPAA, to the extent that protected healthcare information is used solely for processing payments for healthcare. Clover for Healthcare is designed to limit PHI use to payment processing only.

One More Time…

We Can’t Stress This Enough:

  • Clover has restricted their Healthcare App to only the Flex and Mini.
  • Clover does not allow devices running the Healthcare App to also run inventory and order management due to HIPAA requirements around customer data access. This means you cannot manage retail sales effectively on a Healthcare App device. You will need a second Merchant ID with a retail MCC, and a second Clover device just for retail sales if you want to be able to run both with Clover.
  • This is not a Dharma limitation, but rather a choice made by Clover, and dictated by HIPAA.

We regret any inconvenience these limitations may cause.