Setting Clover Batch TIme

By default, Clover is set to manual batching. But you can change that.

Clover Ships with a Manual Batch Time

It’s important to note that all Clover devices ship with their batch set to manual close. This is because most Clover devices are used in environments where tipping takes place, and the merchant will need to do tip adjustments before they close their batch. If the batch were to close automatically, the ability to adjust those tips would be lost.

But a merchant can change that if they would like.

Changing to Automatic Batching

If you would like to use the auto close feature on your Clover please follow these steps:

  1. Call Clover Support at 800-228-0210
  2. Enter  your Merchant ID when prompted (Dharma Merchant IDs begin with 5180 or 5540).
  3. Enter Option #1, then Option #5, then Option #1 again to get connected to a live customer support agent.
  4. Let them know you would like to set up auto close on the machine, and have a time in mind that you would like the close to take place. If you are doing tip adjustments, give yourself plenty of time to complete this each evening before your batch automatically closes.
  5. Clover Support will walk you through the process to complete this process.

Please Note: you will need to have access to the business email to receive the access codes to complete these tasks.