Using Your MX Online Portal

Using MX QuickPay

Watch a video to see how to easily run a transaction in MX Merchant. With QuickPay, it takes just a few moments to process a credit card transaction from any internet-connected computer.

MX Dashboard

With MX Dashboard, you can see what’s happening with your business with a quick glance. Watch the video to learn how it all works.

MX Invoicing

See how to manage invoices and stay on top of your outstanding payments with MX Merchant.

Running and viewing reports

It’s easy to view reports in MX. You can either watch the associated video, or simply follow these steps: First, login to MX at Click reports on the left. Select which report you’d like to view in the sub-heading. Here are the common report types: Settlement: This report will show your transaction count, volume processed, and processing …

MX Customer Management

With MX Merchant, it’s easy to store your customer’s payment details for later use. Once your customers are in the system, you’ll have historical records of their purchases and an easily searchable database of your payment history. Watch the video to see how to use the Customer Database.

How do I set PCI Compliance reminders?

PCI compliance reminders are automatically built into your account! You’ll automatically be notified when your PCI compliance is set to expire soon. In addition, you can also set notifications to alert you when you receive a chargeback, get a large deposit, or when statements are available. To set notifications, simply follow these steps: First, login …

How do I get MX support?

Your MX online system should be user friendly and easy to navigate. But if you have any questions, you can contact Priority Payments directly for live assistance with the MX system, at 800-935-5961. 

Downloading my statements

It’s easy to get your past statements from MX. To do so, simply follow these steps: First, login to MX at Click Reports on the left. Click the Statements link to see your past monthly statements. If you want to see past statements, use the Date drop-down at the top-left to select which statement you’re interested in. Click the Print Icon at …