MX Merchant – Multiple Simultaneous Logins

MX Merchant has strict rules around multiple logins for the same user ID

MX actively protects against multiple simultaneous logins

To start with, MX Merchant actively restricts the concurrent ability for users to be logged in to MX Merchant with the same user credentials from two different IP addresses within 6 minutes of one another. This is to ensure that no one has compromised your credentials and are attacking your MX Merchant site from various locations.

Secondly, in the event that a second user attempts to log in to MX Merchant with the same credentials of a user who is already logged in, the user credentials will be locked. The initial user will receive either an “Invalid token” or “The account is inactive” error message. The second user will receive a “Multiple IP Addresses Detected” error message. In either case, you will need to contact Dharma, or MX Merchant Support at 844-647-3616, to get the account unlocked. Once we have validated your identity, we will assist by restoring system access for your account.

Should either situation arise, once you regain access to your MX Merchant account, please reset your password to a strong password. Please review the FAQ on strong passwords for MX Merchant if you have questions.

And to ensure this situation does not arise accidentally, it is important that each MX Merchant User have their own login credentials. Please review the FAQ about creating new MX users. should you need more information.