MX Merchant – Two Step Authentication

Learn how to manage Two Step Authentication for non-admin users.

Controlling MX Two Step Authentication

As of September 2020, all MX Merchant accounts will use Two Step Authentication as part of the login process. The code for the second step can be sent via SMS to a mobile device, or email to the account on file.

This is mandatory for the administrator account, but can be made optional for other user types. To turn off Two Step Authentication for user accounts, perform the following:

  • Login as the admin user and go to Settings>Team and then select the user that you would like to edit.
  • Go to Advanced and next to where it says Enable 2-Step Authentication toggle No. (This may require a password update if the existing password doesn’t have numbers, letters and characters.)
  • Click Save. You will need to repeat this step for each non-admin user.

Once this is complete then team members should be able to login without doing the 2-Step Authentication.