Categories: MX Merchant

MX Customer Database – Store Credit Card Data

With MX Merchant, it’s easy to store your customer’s payment details for later use. Once your customers are in the system, you’ll have historical records of their purchases and an easily searchable database of your payment history. Watch the video to see how to use the Customer Database.

MX MarketPlace Apps

MX Marketplace allows you to download additional apps to your account, such as B2B processing, Invoicing, Merchant Insights and more.

How do I complete PCI Compliance in MX?

Your MX Merchant account is pre-linked with ControlScan, one of the most trusted PCI vendors there is. It’s easy to become PCI Compliant in MX. To do so, simply follow these steps to login through ControlScan and MX.

MX Dashboard – View your Business Data

MX Dashboard gives you a snapshot look at your processing over different time periods. Learn how to use the Dashboard feature to understand your business processing. This video will explain common settings and best practices.

How do I set Email/Text Notifications?

Dharma and MX Merchant make it easy to stay on top of your business. Set email/text notifications for all sorts of account activity, so you stay informed.

What do Dharma Statements look like?

Dharma’s statements are generated monthly, and are easy to read. You can also download past monthly statements through your free online portal! All statements will clearly show interchange fees along with Dharma margins.

Downloading my statements

Since all Dharma accounts come with access to MX Merchant, you can easily run reports and download statements from the MX merchant platform.