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PAX Terminal instructions and help

Watch a few basic videos to see how it works! Watch an EMV sale on a PAX s80 Learn how to VOID a sale on a PAX s80 See how easy it is to process Apple Pay or NFC payments Watch how fast it is to settle your PAX s80 terminal

Vx520 instructions and help

View step by step instructions for common transactions, and download user guides to print and keep near your terminal.

What should I do if my terminal breaks?

It’s late, and your terminal just broke. What to do? First things first – let’s see if it can be fixed remotely! Often times, terminals can be updated remotely to address software issues. Your terminal should have a sticker on the side, displaying a 24-hour help number. If you don’t see that sticker, you can …

Are terminals required? Can I use a Credit Card Imprinter?

If you’re accepting credit cards in person, a credit card terminal is usually the best option – but not always!  Typically, we recommend credit card terminals for merchants who are in the following categories: Low-average-ticket merchants usually prefer terminals. This is due to the fact that terminals process quickly, and can be configured to not require a …

What is NFC (Near Field Communication) and what is Apple Pay?

You may be asking, “How do I add Apple Pay?” or, “How do I integrate Android Pay?” NFC (Near-Field-Communication) is a technology that’s been in mobile phones/tablets for quite some time. It’s an industry standard, meaning that the technology is shared by many different firms, and isn’t unique to a specific company. So, many different …

What is EMV (Euro-Mastercard-Visa), or chip card acceptance?

EMV, otherwise known as Chip Cards, are the new payment technology adopted by the card associations. You’ll also hear it called “Chip and Pin” or “Chip and Signature” – but not matter the moniker, it’s important that all in-person merchants accept EMV transactions.

Who do I call to obtain a Voice Authorization?

A voice authorization occurs when your customer’s issuing bank is requesting more information about a transaction before approving. Often times, your terminal will prompt you for a Voice Authorization when a customer’s credit card has been recently compromised due to fraud, or if they’re purchasing a good/service that falls outside of their normal processing criteria. …

What kind of Terminals Does Dharma Recommend?

Dharma is able to provide almost any terminal your organization desires – so if you have specific needs, please reach out to us to determine compatibility, as we can typically work with most existing terminals. However, we proudly sell the First Data and VeriFone lines of terminals. First Data terminals, while more expensive, are well known …