What should I do if my terminal breaks?

We’ll get you the help you need!

It’s late, and your terminal just broke. What to do? First things first – let’s see if it can be fixed remotely! Often times, terminals can be updated remotely to address software issues. Your terminal should have a sticker on the side, displaying a 24-hour help number. If you don’t see that sticker, you can determine where to call based on your Merchant ID number:

  • Merchants with Priority Payments: Merchant ID begins with 518, 554, or 8739, you’ll call 800-935-5961
  • Merchants with Moneris Solutions: Merchant ID begins with 295, you’ll call 800-552-8227
  • Merchants with Pivotal Payments: Merchant ID begins with 631, you’ll call 800-552-8227
  • Merchants with Select Bankcard: Merchant ID begins with 554, you’ll call 800-228-0210