Who do I call to obtain a Voice Authorization?

A voice authorization occurs when your customer’s issuing bank is requesting more information about a transaction before approving. Often times, your terminal will prompt you for a Voice Authorization when a customer’s credit card has been recently compromised due to fraud, or if they’re purchasing a good/service that falls outside of their normal processing criteria. By calling into the Voice Authorization line, you’ll provide additional information to your customer’s issuing bank, so that they can decide to approve or decline the transaction.

Completing a voice authorization is required if you’re prompted to do so – the customer’s issuing bank won’t allow the sale otherwise. So, when prompted by your terminal to complete a voice authorization, you’ll call 1-800-228-1122 and follow the operator’s prompts. After completing the process, the operator will inform you that the sale is either approved or declined. If approved, you’ll enter the approval code they share with you in your terminal, and continue the sale as normal.