What kind of Terminals Does Dharma Recommend?

Dharma is proud to offer the VeriFone, Ingenico, Dejavoo and First Data terminal lines.

Dharma is able to provide almost any terminal your organization desires – so if you have specific needs, please reach out to us to determine compatibility, as we can typically work with most existing terminals. However, we proudly sell the First Data and VeriFone lines of terminals. First Data terminals, while more expensive, are well known for their vast feature sets. VeriFone offers a lot of upper level features at a low price for a great compromise. See our most popular models below, and we highly recommend reading our Terminal Page:

  • First Data FD-150:  The FD-150 is jam-packed with every possible feature. Chip+PIN, EMV tip adjustment, NFC/Apple Pay, color touch screen, and WiFi connectivity. You name it, the FD-150 has it. $295.
  • VeriFone V200C:  The V200C is a great terminal for a merchant with basic needs. It offers Chip+PIN acceptance and an internal PinPad. Easy menus, simply drop and load paper, and fast transaction speeds make this terminal an easy favorite. $229.
  • Ingenico Desk / 3500 and Desk / 5000: The Ingenico Desk terminals are great workhorse devices. The difference between the two is that the 3500 is button-based, where the 5000 is touch-screen driven. Both terminals support Chip+PIN, EMV tip adjustment, NFC/Apple Pay. These terminals are designed not only to work standalone, but also to integrate into MX Merchant’s B2B app.  The Desk / 3500 is $295, and the Desk / 5000 is $369.
  • Dejavoo Z11: The Dejavoo Z11 is specifically designed to integrate with MX Merchant Advantage, the Surcharging app. It offers Chip+PIN acceptance and an internal PinPad, and handles the Surcharging of credit cards automatically in conjunction with MX Advantage. $295