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($15/month)($20/month, $0.35/transaction)Included
($10/ month, 0.75% of volume)


MX Merchant


Monthly Fees

Free! $10/month

Transaction Fees

Free! $0.05/transaction

Virtual Terminal

Included Included

Recurring Billing

$10/month Included

Customer Vault

Included Included

Fraud Protection

Included Included

Level 2 Processing

$20/month Included

Level 3 Processing

Included with
Level 2
Not Available

Inventory Management

$25/month Not Available

Email Invoicing

Included with
Recurring Billing

Payment Button

Included Included

Shopping Cart Integration

Not Available Included

QuickBooks Integration

Basic Export

Custom Reporting

Included Not Available

ACH Processing

($25/month, $0.40/transaction)
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