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($20/month, $0.35/transaction)


MX Merchant


Monthly Fees

Free! $10/month

Transaction Fees

Free! $0.05/transaction

Virtual Terminal

Included Included

Recurring Billing

$10/month Included

Customer Vault

Included Included

Fraud Protection

Included Included

Level 2 Processing

$20/month Included

Level 3 Processing

Included with
Level 2
Not Available

Inventory Management

$25/month Not Available

Email Invoicing

Included with
Recurring Billing

Payment Button

Included Included

Shopping Cart Integration

Not Available Included

QuickBooks Integration

Basic Export Included

Custom Reporting

Included Not Available

ACH Processing

($25/month, $0.40/transaction)
($10/ month, 0.75% of volume)
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