MX Invoicing App

Send invoices to clients and setup recurring payments in seconds. $10/month.

Manage your Invoices with ease

If you have repeat customers, being able to invoice your clients and create recurring payments is a must. For an additional $10/month, you can also easily send invoices to your customers and receive payments from them. With the MX Invoice app, you’ll be able to create one-time invoices, or create “templates” for future invoices, so that you can quickly select the right invoice and send to your customer in a breeze.

  • Save customer’s information for later access and easy re-billing.
  • Create “Recurring” invoices for ongoing payments from clients.
  • Email or Text invoice requests to your customers for quick payment.
  • Customize your receipts with your logo, text, and payment terms.
  • Receive email/text notifications for declines, received payments, chargebacks, and more.

Recurring Payments

With the MX Invoice App, you can “set it and forget it”. With a few clicks, you can create an ongoing-payment for your customers, that’s fully customizable. For only $10/month, you get to dictate the terms for payments!

  • Charge customers weekly or monthly, and choose which day of the week/month to charge.
  • Set a specific number of occurrences, or charge “indefinitely”.
  • Add detailed, line-item sale items to the invoice.
  • Apply tax amounts, discounts, and more. You can pre-set multiple different tax amounts, too.
  • Automatically apply payment to a specific pre-saved card on file, or allow your customers to pay by entering their credit card information on a secure payment page.
  • Easily prorate the first invoice you send to any customer.

Easy Payments for your Customers

With MX Invoicing, your customers will receive easy-to-read invoices that allow them to pay with the click of a button. As soon as you complete an invoice, your customer will immediately be emailed or texted a detailed, line-item receipt. They’ll also be able to “click to pay” their invoice – with a single click, they’ll be prompted to securely enter their card information. Easy for you, easy for your customers!

  • Customize the invoice your customers receive with a unique header, company logo and return policy.
  • Allow specific payment terms – due upon receipt, net 15, net 30, net 60, or net 90.
  • Add customer memos, to personalize any given invoice.
  • Easily edit unpaid/cancelled invoices.
  • Manage all open invoices and quickly filter for invoices that meet specific criteria.
  • Pay any open invoices using stored credit card information.