NMI Support

Learn how to operate your NMI gateway

Activating your NMI Gateway

Activating your NMI gateway is simple. Upon receiving your “Welcome to Dharma” email, you’ll also receive an email directly from NMI, with login instructions! Simply follow the link provided in the email, agree to the terms/conditions, and you’re all set!

Running a sale in NMI

Once logged into the NMI gateway, running a sale through the Virtual Terminal is easy. Watch a video and get step-by-step instructions.

Refund a sale in NMI

Once logged into the NMI gateway, refunding a sale through the Virtual Terminal is easy. Remember – if you are working with a transaction you ran today, you’re better off voiding!

Create an Email Invoice in NMI

Once logged into the NMI gateway, sending an Invoice request to your client is easy. Once created, your client/customer will receive an email with an auto-generated invoice from you. The email will contain a secure payment link so that they can easily submit their credit card details and pay you for the invoice you sent! …

Updating your AVS (Address Verification Settings)

This tutorial will show you how to set rules for accepting and rejecting transactions based on the address of the customer. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions for customizing address verification based on the processor and national or international transactions.

iSpyFraud Settings

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use this fraud protection tool to flag or block specific transactions running through your gateway account. You’ll discover how to set rules for transactions based on thresholds, user bans and exceptions, along with learning how to review flagged transactions, and access the status of all transactions run through …

Customer Vault

Learn how Customer Vault can help you can store and secure customer data. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions for adding and managing customer information, including how to run a transaction from data already entered in the vault.

Report Configuration

In this tutorial, learn how to modify the fields in the Excel or CSV downloads that you get from the reporting screen in the gateway. You’ll discover how to create reports with only the data you need to see and how to select your custom report when downloading a report or even set it as …

Creating Payment Buttons in NMI

This tutorial will show you how to use this gateway’s hosted shopping cart solution. You’ll learn how to use the button generator to create links or buttons so customers can make purchases from your website. You’ll also learn how to customize these buttons by including a redirect link following a transaction and a security key …