Create an Email Invoice in NMI

Once logged into the NMI gateway, sending an Invoice request to your client is easy. Once created, your client/customer will receive an email with an auto-generated invoice from you. The email will contain a secure payment link so that they can easily submit their credit card details and pay you for the invoice you sent! To send out an email invoice, simply:

  1. Select “Add Invoice” on the left side
  2. Input the dollar value you’d like to charge your customer
  3. Input the terms (Due upon receipt is most common)
  4. If desired, you can input specific line-item details in the product section, for your customer to view
  5. The only required fields are the customer’s name and email. We’d recommend inputting all data you have available, though
  6. Click “Create Invoice” at the bottom, and your customer will instantly receive the request for payment.
  7. You’re all set!