Comparing Our Services

See how Dharma compares to other providers and “all inclusive” services.

What is Interchange-Plus Pricing?

This pricing model works by adding a constant margin onto the underlying interchange-rate. It’s widely considered the fairest model in the industry.

How is Dharma different than the competition?

How Is Dharma Different Than The Competition? Transparency & Low Pricing – No secrets, surprises or deception here. The code word is transparency on all fronts. We explain the mysterious world of payment processing, how Interchange Pricing works, giving examples and educating you. Our prices are fully posted and very competitive. This is how Dharma is …

What is a B Corporation?

B Corps are certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Any business can apply to become a B Corp, but only those who pass the rigorous assessments are granted B Corp status. Social and environmental performance must be regularly certified by the nonprofit called B Lab, much the way LEED buildings have to be certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Comparing to a typical provider

Dharma Merchant Services was created with the distinct purpose of operating differently than our competition. Our founders felt that the merchant services industry has not been meeting the needs of merchants in an ethical, transparent, and sustainable manner – so, Dharma was born to try and change that!  We encourage you to read our top …

Comparing to Network for Good

Many non-profits are familiar with Network for Good. Network for Good offers online donation pages and one-time event options to accept payments for an event or fundraiser. Although Network for Good offers a similar solution, their processing fees are significantly higher than Dharma’s. Dharma has partnered with 4aGoodCause to offer discounted solutions for nonprofits who …

Comparing to PayPal

Merchant Services Comparison: PayPal merchant service is a great service for the right merchants, but most merchants who are processing at least $5k – $10k per month will save money by processing with Dharma, while also getting access to more advanced features.