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Chip+PIN or Chip+Signature?

Chip+PIN is the “strongest” encryption method since it’s much harder to steal a PIN than fake a signature. Currently, most US banks issue Chip+Signature cards. As time moves on, they’ll migrate towards Chip+PIN.

Vx520 instructions and help

View step by step instructions for common transactions, and download user guides to print and keep near your terminal.

What makes a POS different from a credit card terminal?

What makes a POS different from a credit card terminal? Fundamentally, a POS system has several advanced features that credit card terminals don’t have. A credit card terminal is designed with one basic premise – to process credit cards. Some terminals can also connect to a check reader or can process gift cards, but the […]

Are terminals required? Can I use a Credit Card Imprinter?

Are terminals required? If you’re accepting credit cards in person, a credit card terminal is usually the best option – but not always!  Typically, we recommend credit card terminals for merchants who are in the following categories: Low-average-ticket merchants usually prefer terminals. This is due to the fact that terminals process quickly, and can be configured […]