What is a Terminal Application?

Terminal applications are closely related to MCC codes. All credit card terminals have a specific software downloaded to them, to allow for specific transaction types. Thus, having an incorrect terminal application may result in your terminal not allowing certain types of transactions. The “standard” terminal application is known as the retail application, and this application is sufficient for the vast majority of merchants. Dharma will let you know if your business type requires a specific terminal application. It’s important to note that certain applications only work with certain terminals, so please consult your account manager if you have specific questions.

In addition to the terminal application, we have many options when building the digital files that your terminal uses to connect to our networks. The most common changes that merchants request are:

  • Automatic Batch Times: Most merchants prefer to have their machine automatically “batch” or “settle” every evening, so that they don’t need to remember to do so manually. We can set this for anytime that works best for your business.
  • Tip Lines: Many restaurants like to accept tips, and have the ability to manually adjust their sales at the end of the evening to include tips. Note – accepting tips means that we CANNOT auto-batch your terminal.
  • Address Verification: As a default, Dharma always enables Address Verification prompts. These prompts will ask you to input the zip code or other address information when keying in sales, thus qualifying you for lower interchange rates.
  • Business Card Prompts: For Business-2-Business merchants, you’ll likely accept many business cards that request additional information. Inputting this information (tax amount, invoice numbers, etc) can allow access to lower interchange rates.
  • Invoice Prompts: The invoice prompt allows a merchant to keep an internal record of sales, by allowing you to associate a specific invoice number with a transaction in your terminal. Invoice prompts won’t affect rates, but can help merchants better keep track of sales.
  • Server/Clerk Prompts: For merchants in a restaurant environment, or that have multiple employees working with the terminal, you may desire to separate sales by employee. Having a server ID prompt allows the terminal to associate each transaction with a specific employee.

If you have further questions about how your terminal can be setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!