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Clover go carries an additional $10/month fee, per account. You can choose between the basic Clover Go device ($99) OR you can opt for the Contactless version, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth instead of the headphone jack. If you opt for the contactless device, you can also purchase a charging cradle for $29 if you'd like. Please note! Clover Go devices do not carry a warranty. They'll be replaced if they arrive defective, but future issues will not be covered by Clover.


 Clover Station(s) at $2,199 each

 Clover Mini device(s) at $1,049 each

 Clover Flex devices at $799 each
Please select the accessories you'd like to purchase for your Clover POS system!

Clover Mini device(s) at $1,049 each                                                                                                          

Kitchen Printer(s) at $399 each                                                                                                       

Weight Scale(s) at $399 each                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Barcode Scanner(s) at $159 each                                                                                                       

Cash Drawer(s) at $99 each                                                                                                       

Swivel Stand(s) at $99 each

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Dharma strongly recommends an Internet connection, as there is less potential for errors, transactions will process more quickly, and future updates will be much easier to download. You can always process over phone-line as a "backup" method. Wireless (S90) terminal models will not have a direct internet connection, only dial-up or wireless is available.

Unless you adjust your terminal for tip-acceptance every night, we strongly recommend auto-settling your terminal. But, if you prefer to manually settle your machine, that's OK too! Just don't forget to do so every day.

local to your business
Your batch settlement time determines when your terminal will "settle," sending all of that day's transactions to Dharma for deposit into your bank account. Dharma's cutoff time every day is 9:00 PM EST, or 7:00 PM EST if you're using the FD130 - that's the last point of the day when you can send sales to us to be processed that day. Otherwise they'll be counted as the next day’s sales. To ensure the quickest possible funding, we recommend settling before 9:00 PM EST (7pm EST for the FD130). We recognize that some businesses may be open later than the cutoff time, so you are welcome to choose a later settlement time if your business prefers settling after the last sale of the day.

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Please Review your Clover Setup Fees for accuracy. 

Clover Mini Costs

Clover Mini(s) x    $1,049= 

Clover Station Costs
Clover Station includes (1) 14.0" Touchscreen Device, (1) High-Speed Printer, and (1) Customer Facing Mini

Clover Station Duo(s) x    $2,199 = 

Clover Accessory Costs

 Clover Mini(s) x    $1049= 


 Kitchen Printer(s) x    $399 = 


Weight Scale(s) x    $399 = 


 Barcode Scanner(s) x    $159 = 


 Cash Drawer(s) x      $99 = 


 Swivel Stand(s) x      $99 = 

Payment and Shipping Information

Please let us know where to ship your equipment.

If you need a RUSH shipment order and would like to pay for expedited shipping, let us know! We'll usually be able to deploy terminals overnight if you get to us early in the day.