Healthcare & Medical Rates

Transparent Rates for Essential
Healthcare Providers

0.15% + $0.08

above Interchange

Healthcare, Medical and Veterinary credit card transactions with Dharma are always assessed at the same low rate. Reduced Rates for processing over $100,000 per month

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We believe in full disclosure.

Fee Dharma’s cost
Monthly Fee $20/month
Interchange+ Margins (Visa/MC/Disc) 0.15% + $0.08/authorization
Interchange+ Margins (AMEX) 0.25% + $0.08/authorization
High-Volume (over $100k/mo) Margins 0.10% + $0.08/authorization
Interchange / Card Assessment Fees Passed-through at cost
Closure Fee $49
AVS Fee None!
Batch Fee None!
PCI Compliance None!
Chargebacks $25/instance
Virtual Terminal Included for Free
Mobile Processing Included for Free
Terminals, and Clover POS Available


What does Dharma NOT charge?

There are so few fees that Dharma charges, sometimes it’s easier to list off the things we DON’T charge! Here’s a full list of fees you won’t see at Dharma! No nickel-and-dime games here. We want you to choose us for simplicity, transparency, and low rates.

Fee Does Dharma charge it?
Annual Fees No!
Monthly Minimum No!
PCI Compliance Fee No!
Early Termination Fee No!
Batch Fee No!
AVS Fee No!
IRS / Regulatory Fee No!
Gross Funding Fee No!
Bank Change Fee No!
Account Update Fee No!
Virtual Terminal Fee No!

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What’s Included in a new Dharma account?

Dharma provides you both fair terms and the tools you need to accept payments with ease. All accounts come with access to MX Merchant, including:

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When you work with us, you have a partner you can trust.

  • Quick & easy paperless sign up.
  • Guaranteed 48 hour funding, Next-Day funding offered for retail merchants.
  • Free consults with trained, non-commissioned staff to help meet your needs.
  • Simple & hassle-free terminal setup and gateway creation.
  • Your support questions are answered by real people.
  • 24-hour tech support.