MX Mobile Card Reader

Apple (iOS or iPadOS) or Android devices – take chip cards on the go.

MX Merchant Express

MX Merchant Express is a free mobile app for download in the Apple App store or Google Play store. It’s designed to be simple, and most importantly – quick. Transactions process seamlessly whether keying, swiping, or dipping a credit card. MX Merchant Express features:

  • Tip settings – turn tips on/off, set defaults, and give tip options
  • Signature settings – require a signature always, at $25 and up, or never
  • Access saved customer payment information, to charge a customer’s card on file
  • Apply notes/memos
  • Key transactions in, or use the phone’s built-in camera to snap a photo of the card for entry
  • Email/Text receipts to your customer when the transaction completes
  • Access transaction history and re-send receipts
  • Everything syncs with MX Merchant

Accept Chip Cards or Swipes – $129

The AnywhereCommerce Walker CX3 Bluetooth supports Chip-card, Magnetic stripe and NFC Touchless payment technologies.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads running Apple iOS 8.0 and above.
  • Compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.
  • Enables merchants to accept EMV chip & signature and mag-stripe payments.
  • Advanced encryption technology ensures secure and reliable operation in MX Merchant Express.
  • Connectivity with device via audio jack OR use the Bluetooth version to allow for wireless connectivity!
  • Long battery life supports up to 500 EMV dips, 700 NFC taps, or 4,000 MSR swipes on a single charge.
  • $129, plus shipping.