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Visa Small Ticket

Almost all merchants are eligible for the Visa CPS Small Ticket program. Click through for the full qualifications – but typically, if you accept a sale that’s under $15, it will qualify for lower interchange rates from Visa.

Mastercard Small Ticket

Mastercard allows for lower debit card rates on low-ticket sales. There are many qualifying merchant types, typically relating to industries that cater to small-ticket transactions. Fast food, taxis, parking lots, video rentals, convenience stores, theaters, newsstands, car washes, copy centers, laundry services, and bus lines are all eligible.

Mastercard Convenience Base

Mastercard has a special “Convenience” rate program designed for a few specific types of merchants. You must be categorized as a quick-service food establishment, movie theater, taxicab/limousine, or convenience store to gain access to these rates. The intention of this program is to give lower rates to merchants who regularly process many small-ticket sales. These interchange rates have no “per-transaction” fees, which often add up quickly for low-average-ticket merchants!