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How do I get the lowest B2B interchange rates?

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Visa/Mastercard set the underlying interchange rates for all credit card transactions. Those rates vary widely, based on a variety of factors beyond the type of card being presented. The type of card is important! But, many other things impact the underlying rate, such as the size of the sale, the time difference between the authorization/capture, data captured with the sale, and more. We’ll show you how to get the lowest rates!

What is Interchange-Plus Pricing?

This pricing model works by adding a constant margin onto the underlying interchange-rate. It’s widely considered the fairest model in the industry.

What is Interchange?

Interchange is the underlying cost of every credit-card transaction. It’s what every provider pays back to your customer’s issuing bank.

How does Dharma compare costs?

Often times, it’s tough to compare different pricing models, since certain models intentionally exclude pertinent details. So, Dharma is often times required to make a few estimations when running these types of comparisons. Read on to see how we do that.