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Protect Your E-Commerce Biz from Fraud

Posted in Industry News.

To protect your e-commerce business from fraudulent activity, set your fraud filters in Authorize.Net. If you’re taking credit card payments through a website, it’s very important that you regularly monitor your sales for potential fraud. Fraudsters are smart and their habits are ever-changing, so it’s always a good idea to review your day’s sales to …

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Gravity Payments Does the Right Thing

Posted in Dharma's Culture, Industry News.

Referencing the recent New York Times article, I wish to commend Dan Price of Gravity Payments for his remarkable decision to offer a more sustainable salary to his employees – we see this as a rare gesture given the credit card processing’s reputation for principally maximizing shareholder profits above all else. Anytime an industry player …

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Dharma Founder Interviewed About B Corp Status

Posted in Industry News, Social Responsibility.

When you do business with B Corps, you support a unique sector of the economy that is focused on doing well while also doing good. B Corps solve social and environmental problems while also turning profit. The more profitable they are, the better they can support their workers, their communities, and their social or environmental …

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