Virtual Solutions

Payment processing online or over the phone.

e-Commerce Rates

0.35% + $0.15

above Interchange

Online or virtual credit card transactions with Dharma are always the same interchange plus rates. You pay only current Interchange rates and credit card branding fees plus our posted margin.

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Virtual Solutions

Dharma/NMI Gateway

With the Dharma/NMI gateway, you can easily send invoices to your clients for payment via credit card. Take level 3 sales, create simple payment buttons for your website, store customer data, and access upper level features at a fraction of the cost

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Standalone Terminal

Do you take a lot of phone orders from your customers? Easily key transactions in through a wired or wireless terminal. Having a standalone terminal is great for merchants who travel often or who still occasionally have in-person customers. Accept Apple Pay and EMV.

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Accept payments on your website, on the virtual terminal, or through your smartphone or tablet. With you can create automatic recurring payments, sync with QuickBooks, store sensitive credit card data securely, and more.

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What e-Commerce Merchants Have To Say About Dharma

“I have to say that Dharma has been beyond excellent! They have repeatedly gone above and beyond for us, and their rates are also very reasonable. No deception, or unscrupulous sales tactics. Their monthly newsletter, rather than being an annoying text filled with legal details and such, is actually useful, uplifting info that is pleasant to read.  Also, Select Bank, who sends the monthly statements, has recently switched to an extremely pleasant and easy-to-read, even colorful statement format, that makes it extremely easy to see how the charges are divided. Best in the industry from my experience, and I’ve dealt with two other companies at length, as well as thoroughly researched a half dozen others. I would go to great lengths to continue my relationship with them. This has my experience thus far, and I’ve been working with them for several years.” - Jeff Pokorny, Innovative Supply Company LLC
"I’ve been recommending Dharma Merchant Services to our clients for about 8 years. I’ve worked with several other providers over time and before meeting Jeff, I’d generally be disappointed with how long it would take to get an account setup. Since working with Jeff and Dharma, every one of our clients that we’ve sent them has had a great experience. They’re very quick with getting a new account up and they’re great to work with. And, their rates are really good too. I had an account through another provider and no one had been able to beat the rates I was paying, until Jeff looked at my account. So I switched too and since then, I continue to be very happy with the services I’ve been receiving. I can’t recommend them more highly." - Steve Lillo, Planet Link
"We really appreciate the support of Dharma Merchant Services. The money we save on fees and the lift we experience by working with a merchant processing company that is aligned with our core business values supports our mission of helping families reduce their dependence on plastics by providing high-quality, plastic-free lunchware alternatives! Please pass along our appreciation to the entire team!" - Sandra Harris, ECOLunchbox  
"Unlike other merchant service providers, the team at Dharma is easy to get in touch with! I love knowing that they have my back and will work hard to make sure I have a great experience with them. We chose Dharma Merchant Services because of their commitment to sustainability and social justice, but will stay with them for their excellent customer service!" - Tracy Puhl, GladRags