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Lower Processing Costs plus FREE Touchless Swiper!

Our dental services clients have let us know that 2020 has been extremely difficult because of the COVID pandemic. Our goal at Dharma Merchant Services is to support our front-line workers with reduced fees and excellent service while also offering technology that allows you to stay safe by not touching credit cards. This is why we have created this exclusive dental credit card processing promotion strictly for you based on the fact that you are an essential services provider.

In our experience, a dental office should never be paying a total net effective rate of more than 2% for credit card processing fees. What does this mean? Look at your last merchant account statement and divide the total fees you paid for the month by the total sales you have for the month. If the percentage you calculate is more than 2%, you are paying too much! For example:

$380.00 in total fees divided by $20,000.00 in total sales = 1.90%. You are likely paying a fair rate. However, we may still be able to offer savings in monthly processing fees.

$480.00 in total fees divided by $20,000.00 in total sales = 2.40%. You are likely paying far too much. Dharma can definitely save you money every month.

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Here are the Details:

  • Discounted credit card processing rates usually reserved for dental offices processing over $100,000.00 in sales every month offered to everyone! This is not an introductory offer and will be valid for the life of your account with Dharma.
  • No Setup Fee or opening costs
  • Month to month agreement with no early termination fee
  • PLUS, one free mobile Bluetooth touchless smartphone card swiper so you can accept payments without touching your customer’s cards (This swiper is normally $149.00 but you will receive one for free with an approved application)

Bluetooth Mobile Swiper – FREE!

Your FREE Dharma swiper supports both Chip-card, Magnetic stripe AND touchless payments. Perfect for when you don’t want to touch customer credit cards

  • Compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads running Apple iOS 8.0 and above
  • Compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above
  • Enables merchants to accept EMV chip & signature, mag-stripe payments PLUS touchless payments
  • Bluetooth connectivity to allow for physical distancing
  • Rechargeable battery supports up to 500 EMV dips, 700 NFC taps, or 4,000 MSR swipes on a single charge

Dharma also offers a full range of desktop terminals for swiping, chip reading and contactless payments starting at $179.00 should you desire an alternative to the Bluetooth Mobile Swiper.

High Volume Rate Detail

Typically reserved for high-volume retailers, Dharma is offering its discounted interchange-plus as part of our COVID Dental Promotion.

Fee Dharma’s cost
Monthly Fee $12/month
Interchange+ Margins (Visa/MC/Disc) 0.10% + $0.08/authorization
Interchange+ Margins (AMEX) 0.20% + $0.08/authorization
Interchange / Card Assessment Fees Passed-through at cost
AVS Fee None!
Batch Fee None!
PCI Compliance None!
Chargebacks $25/instance
Virtual Terminal Included for Free
Mobile Processing Included for Free
Bluetooth Mobile Swiper Included for Free
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We are grateful for this opportunity to support our essential dental offices in this difficult and trying time. Should you have additional questions before moving forward, please email us at or call 866.615.5157.