Mastercard Lodging/Hotel/Auto-Rental

Mastercard has specific rates for lodging and car-rental merchants

Because lodging and auto-rental merchants have unique needs, there’s a special rate category designed for them. These merchants take extended authorizations – meaning the card may be authorized weeks before the sale is finalized. Similarly, final amounts of the sale are often different from the original authorization. For “regular” merchants, this would result in downgraded transactions. But lodging/auto-rental merchants can follow specific rules to access low rates.

MC Annual Account Spend interchange


  • Be classified as Lodging (MCC 7011) or Car Rental (MCC 7512)
  • Magnetic stripe, contactless, or chip data read, key-entered, on subsequent stays with customer’s signature on file.
  • Obtain and pass 1 valid electronic authorization.
  • Authorization and settlement MCC must match.
  • Settle within 1 day.
  • Transaction must include settlement detail addendum.

What are the rates?

Lodging / Auto Core – 1.58% + $0.10

Downgrade (for settling after 1 day)Merit I, 1.89% + $0.10/txn
Downgrade (any other reason)Standard, 2.95% + $0.10/txn

Enhanced Lodging / Auto – 1.80% + $0.10

Downgrade (for settling after 1 day): Enhanced Merit I, 2.04% + $0.10/txn
Downgrade (any other reason)Standard, 2.95% + $0.10/txn

Lodging / Auto Debit – 1.15% + $0.15

Downgrade (for settling after 1 day): Merit I Debit, 1.60% + $0.15/txn
Downgrade (any other reason)Standard Debit, 1.90% + $0.25/txn

Lodging / Auto Prepaid – 1.15% + $0.15

Downgrade (for settling after 1 day)Merit I Prepaid, 1.76% + $0.20/txn
Downgrade (any other reason)Standard Prepaid, 1.90% + $0.25/txn

Regulated Debit – 0.05% + $0.22

Downgrade: This card type does not downgrade.

Who’s eligible?

Only lodging / auto rental merchants are eligible.

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