Process online payments, use a Virtual Terminal, and swipe through your smartphone.

$49 Setup fee, $20/month, and $0.05/transaction


The trusted choice for online payments.

There’s a reason is a household name in the payments industry. They’ve developed a reputation for being easy to use, cost effective, and they provide numerous ways for you to easily take payments and manage your business.

  • Take payments directly through your website
  • Use a Virtual Terminal to “key in” transactions you receive over the phone or in the mail
  • ACH (eCheck) payments, built-in
  • Take EMV (chip) cards or swipe through your smartphone or tablet
  • Setup automatic, recurring payments so that you can “set it and forget it”
  • Accept Level-2 data to further reduce your processing fees
  • Integrate Apple Pay processing into your website and mobile app


The tools you need.’s feature set is vast – allowing you to take payments in a variety of ways, with flexibility for your specific needs.

  • Customer Information Manager – automatically store your customer’s sensitive credit card information on’s secure servers. Now, you can be PCI compliant and keep customer’s information on file for later use, so that your customers don’t need to give you their credit card number every time they’re ready to order.
  • Recurring Billing – with automatic recurring billing, you can “set it and forget it” so that your customers can pay you at the frequency they desire. Simply create a new payment, specify what size the payment will be, and select the recurrence (once a week? once a month?) and how many iterations you’d like (3 payments, 5? Indefinite?) Once set, you’re all done! Payments will be automatically captured in the future, so you don’t have to waste time repeating the process every time.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection – now you can monitor your account like a pro. makes it simple to create specific filters or alerts to warn you of suspicious activity on your account, and gives you the ability to automatically hold transactions for manual review or decline automatically under specific circumstances. With, you can stay one step ahead of those online fraudsters.

Process anytime, anywhere.

Not in front of a computer? No problem. Just download the free app, login to your account, and process payments like normal.’s mobile app offers the following great features:

  • Works with a mobile card-swiper ( sells these directly for about $60 after shipping, or $120 for EMV-reader) or by keying-in sales
  • Use your Apple iPhone/iPad, or your Android device
  • Accept EMV (chip) card transactions
  • Automatically apply sales tax
  • Email itemized receipts
  • Allow for multiple user accounts for different employees
  • All transactions upload to QuickBooks Online for easy reconcilliation

Add eCheck (ACH) processing. allows you to accept eChecks, also known as ACH Payments directly through your Virtual Terminal. In addition, when accepting eChecks, you can also setup recurring payments using this payment method – so you can offer easy monthly/quarterly payments to your customers or members.’s eCheck pricing is relatively inexpensive too. Typically, eChecks will have lower processing fees than credit cards:

Fee Type Dharma’s cost
eCheck Monthly Fee None
eCheck Monthly Minimum $10
Processing Fee 0.75%
Returned Item Fee $3.00 each
Chargeback Fee $25 each