Clover Kitchen Display System

One screen. One source of truth. No pens, no printers, no lost tickets.
$949/device + $25/mo per device

Clover Kitchen Display System – Keeps Service Moving Smoothly.

One screen. One source of truth. No pens, no printers, no lost tickets. Just a real-time look at ticket times, order statuses, and everything else. The Clover Kitchen Display System is an employee-facing device that displays order management software connecting the front-of-house and online ordering platforms to the kitchen staff. The Clover KDS is used where food and beverage orders are prepared in place of paper tickets.

  • Bridge the gap between your front and back of house so you never get thrown off by order volume swings again.
  • Consolidate your order channels and put all on-premise orders and off-premise third party orders in one place.
  • Do away with paper ticket clutter in the kitchen. Place an order on any device in the restaurant, and it will fire straight to the KDS.
  • Print Runner tickets on any network-connected printer directly from the KDS.

Give a lift to your operations

The Clover Kitchen Display System is designed to keep your operations on point at all times:

  • Improves diner experience by speeding up service without losing order accuracy.
  • Tracks your team’s performance and adjust as you go with prep time and fulfillment reporting.
  • Reduces the risk of operational mistakes for on-premise ordering.
  • Increases orders and revenue.

Only for Restaurants

The Clover Kitchen Display System is a workhorse designed solely for restaurants:

  • The Clover KDS is purpose-built for food service and kitchen environments. Made of temperature-resistant aluminum, it has the highest heat tolerance (122°F) on the market.
  • Easy to clean with anti-fingerprint coating.
  • Expanded 14” display makes the screen easy to see.
  • Bi-directional speakers help alerts be heard even in the noisiest kitchens.

The Clover Kitchen Display System costs $799 and has a monthly subscription fee of $25 per device. In order to use the Kitchen Display System, Merchants must be on a Register, Table Service Restaurant, or Counter Service Restaurant software plan.

We highly recommend a Clover Care three-year extended warranty for your Kitchen Display System.

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Clover Kitchen Display Software Features

The Kitchen Display System is an incredibly robust addition to your Clover setup, and offers key features such as:

  • Multi-Level Fulfillment
  • Expo Mode
  • Item Level Rounding
  • Prep Time Reporting
  • Color-Coded Order Status
  • Runner Ticket Printing

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