High-Volume B2B and Online Pricing

For B2B or Online merchants processing more than $100,000 per month

Reduced IC+ pricing at 0.10% and $0.10/transaction
Reduced monthly fees and per-instance fees

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Rock-bottom Rates

Specifically designed for high-volume B2B or Online clients, Dharma has discounted interchange-plus rates to help keep costs as low as possible. This pricing is offered to B2B or Online merchants processing over $100,000 per month.

Fee Dharma’s cost
Monthly Fee $15/month
Interchange+ Margins (Visa/MC/Disc) 0.10% + $0.10/authorization
Interchange+ Margins (AMEX) 0.20% + $0.10/authorization
Interchange / Card Assessment Fees Passed-through at cost
AVS Fee None!
Batch Fee None!
PCI Compliance None!
Chargebacks $25/instance
Virtual Terminal Included for Free
Mobile Processing Included for Free
Terminals, and Clover POS Available

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MX Merchant B2B App Interchange Reductions

MX Merchant B2B App

For only $20/month, access the lowest possible interchange rates with the MX B2B app. Once installed, the B2B app works in the background of your account to qualify your sales at the lowest B2B interchange rates available. Using sophisticated technology, the MX system will automatically include level 2 and level 3 data points in every transaction you submit. By using the MX Virtual Terminal, you’ll qualify for interchange rates that can be over a half of a percent lower than standard rates – and you pocket the difference. See how far rates can reduce, here.

With the MX B2B App, you don’t have to waste time entering in extra data. The system does it for you, and you access rates that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.

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What rates can I expect to pay?

If you accept Level 3 data, interchange fees can be reduced by over 40%This can mean hundreds of dollars of savings on a single transaction. Wow! You can see rate reductions here, and here are two common examples:

Visa Level 3: 1.85% + $0.10/sale. For a $3,000 sale, you’d pay $55.60 in total interchange fees. Compare that to the $76.60 you’d have paid on a standard Visa Purchasing Card, and you’re looking at interchange savings of $21 on a single $3,000 Visa transaction. That’s over 27% below standard interchange rates!

Mastercard Corporate Large Ticket: 1.25% + $40.00/sale. For a $20,000 sale, you’d pay $290.00, or only 1.45% in total interchange fees. Compare that to the $530.00 you’d have paid normally, and you’re looking at interchange savings of over $240 on a single $20,000 Mastercard transaction. That’s a 45% reduction from standard interchange rates!

MX ACH.com check processing

Process ACH transactions with low rates

The MX Merchant platform integrates seamlessly with ACH.com so that you can accept ACH payments from the same portal as credit card processing. Save ACH information for future billing, or key-in a one-time transaction. You can even setup recurring ACH payments. ACH payments are easy, quick, and importantly – they’re cheaper than credit cards. See the fees:

  • $25 monthly fee
  • $0.40/transaction fee
  • $2.00 return item fee
  • $5.00 reversal fee

It’s important to note that the ACH.com underwriting process is separate from your credit card underwriting process, and can take up to 10 days to fully approve. There may be additional documentation requests, too. But once up and running, accepting ACH payments is a breeze within the MX Merchant portal!

What's Included in a new Dharma account?

Dharma provides you both fair terms and the tools you need to accept payments with ease. All accounts come with access to MX Merchant, including:

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