What is Authorize.net?

Authorize.net is a type of payment gateway, or gateway for short. A payment gateway is the online-equivalent of a credit card terminal. The payment gateways’ job is to encrypt, and then securely authorize a credit card transaction. Payment gateways are fundamentally required when accepting a credit card transactions online, because they’re responsible for storing sensitive credit card data. Authorize.net also allows for many additional features, such as:

  • Automatic Recurring Billing – you can easily charge recurring payments to a credit card automatically, at any frequency you desire.
  • Customer Information Manager – store your customer’s credit card data securely, and remain PCI compliant. Store up to 10 credit cards per customer.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection – protect yourself from online fraud by enabling velocity filters, minimum/maximum transaction limits, IP blocking, and more.
  • Account Updater – any credit card you store in Authorize.net’s system can be automatically updated when the card expires. Very handy if you keep many cards stored on file.

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