Visa Restaurant Rates

This category of interchange rates is specifically for restaurant merchants

To qualify for the below restaurant rates, merchants must be classified as a restaurant or quick-service merchant (MCC of 5812 or 5814). Below are the basic qualifications, plus you’ll see each type of card that’s eligible for restaurant rates, along with the associated potential downgrade:

Visa Business Cards interchange


  • Be classified as Restaurant (MCC 5812) or Quick-serve Fast Food (MCC 5814)
  • Magnetic stripe, contactless, or chip data read, obtain customer’s signature.
  • Authorize and settle within 1 day.
  • Obtain and pass 1 valid electronic authorization.

What are the rates?

See the below cards types which can qualify for CPS Restaurant rates

CPS Restaurant - 1.54% + $0.10

Downgrade (for keyed): CPS Card Not Present, 1.80% + $0.10/txn
Downgrade (any other reason): EIRF, 2.30% + $0.10/txn

CPS Rewards 2 - 1.95% + $0.10

Downgrade (for keyed): EIRF, 2.30% + $0.10/txn
Downgrade (any other reason): Standard, 2.70% + $0.10/txn

Signature Pref. Electronic - 2.40% + $0.10

Downgrade (any reason): Standard, 2.95% + $0.10/txn

CPS Restaurant Debit - 1.19% + $0.10

Downgrade (keyed): CPS Card Not Present Debit, 1.65% + $0.15/txn
Downgrade (any other reason): EIRF Debit, 1.75% + $0.20/txn

CPS Restaurant Prepaid - 1.15% + $0.15

Downgrade (for keyed)CPS Card Not Present Prepaid, 1.75% + $0.20/txn
Downgrade (any other reason): EIRF Prepaid, 1.80% + $0.20/txn

Regulated Debit - 0.05% + $0.22

Downgrade: This card type does not downgrade.

Who's eligible?

Only restaurants and quick-serve fast food are eligible. Retail rates have a lower rate structure anyways, read more here.

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