Does Dharma offer any wireless terminals?

Yes, we offer both 4G and WiFi options

If necessary, Dharma offers the Clover Flex for wireless (4G LTE) processing. This terminal operates over the AT&T networks, and allows you to process using a cellular signal through a 4G connection for an additional $15/month. The Clover Flex has built in WiFi, so you’re not required to use a 4G connection unless you need it. In addition, this device offers the ability to process “offline” transactions when the cell networks go down. This feature is also commonly referred to as “Store and Forward” mode. Read about the Clover Flex here. You may also wish to consider the FD-150 terminal instead, as it offers WiFi processing. If you’re always going to be in range of a WiFi connection and power source, the FD-150 will be a less-expensive option.