How do I complete PCI Compliance in MX?

Just login to MX Merchant and click on the Sysnet / PCI Protection App


PCI Compliance can be updated through MX Merchant by installing the Sysnet / PCI Protection app. To install the Sysnet App, first login to MX Merchant, then click Apps on the left menu, click the green Activate button found on the Sysnet tile.

Confirm Activation

Once you click on the Activate button the pop-up to the right will appear.

Clicking Cancel will take you back to the app store and will not Activate the Sysnet / PCI Protection app.

Clicking on OK will redirect you to the Sysnet landing page to set up your login information. This page will prompt you to create a new username and password then confirm their new password.

Create your Login

Once the required information has been entered you will receive another pop-up. This pop-up will ask you to Allow MX Merchant access to your full profile and compliance information in order to display your PCI status in MX Merchant.

Clicking Deny will not allow MX Merchant to allow re-access to Sysnet / PCI Protection from the app and will have no data on PCI status which will result in incorrect status information.

Once Allow is selected you will be redirected back to MX Merchant where they will see the Sysnet app is now active.

Allowing MX Access

Once Allow is selected you will be redirected back to MX Merchant where you will see the Sysnet app is now installed

Using Sysnet / PCI Protection in MX

Once Sysnet / PCI Protection is installed it can be re-accessed in multiple areas of MX Merchant.

Click on Apps in the left hand menu, hover your mouse over the Sysnet logo within the app store and click Log In.

After clicking the Log In or Manage PCI button a new tab will open with the Sysnet page where you will need to enter your Username and Password originally created in the previous step.

Once you enter your Sysnet Activate Username and Password click Sign In and complete the remaining setup steps. The last step will walk you through completing the SAQ required for your business.

If you have any questions on how to complete your compliance, please contact the Sysnet / PCI Protection help desk at 888-543-4743, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8.00pm ET.

Checking on your PCI Status

After you’ve installed the Sysnet app and completed your PCI Compliance questionnaire, Sysnet / PCI Protection can be re accessed from MX Merchant. Simply click on Settings in the left hand menu, select the Compliance tile, and click on the green Manage PCI button. This section will detail your current PCI Compliance status.