PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance is a set of rules and regulations that apply to any business, of any size, that accepts credit card data. For a business to be compliant requires a specific set of safety protocols designed to protect both the business and its customers from fraudulent activity. In essence, the major card brands have created …

Am I required to complete PCI Compliance?

Yes. All merchants who accept credit cards are required to become PCI compliant by the card associations. If your organization chooses not to become compliant, the organization will be subject to a monthly non-compliance fee of $24.95.

What happens if I’m not compliant?

The first thing that happens is that you’ll be subject to a $19.95/month fee. This fee is meant as an incentive to complete your PCI compliance. Completing your annual questionnaire will help us ensure that you’re processing cards in a safe and secure manner. If you choose NOT to complete your annual questionnaire, you subject …

Do I need to hire a third-party firm to prove my compliance with Dharma?

No! You do not. All new accounts built by Dharma include free online access. Part of that online access includes your PCI compliance questionnaire, provided by ControlScan. Simply login with your supplied credentials, and you’ll be able to complete your entire PCI compliance requirements. Easy!

If I’m already PCI Compliant, can I transfer my compliance to Dharma?

Yes, you usually can! We’ll need to see your certificate of PCI compliance from your current provider or PCI vendor. Once provided, we’ll update your new Dharma account to reflect your active PCI status. Please note – your current PCI compliance still has an expiration date, and we’ll apply that expiration date to your Dharma …

How do I set Email/Text Notifications?

Dharma and MX Merchant make it easy to stay on top of your business. Set email/text notifications for all sorts of account activity, so you stay informed.

What is the PCI Compliance Fee?

Dharma does not charge extra for PCI, but you are required to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and web-scanning. Web scanning is required per PCI Compliance regulations for any merchant processing over an Internet (IP) connection – so this will impact online/virtual merchants, and any merchant who connects their credit card terminal to an ethernet …

How do I complete PCI Compliance?

We’ll get you compliant! With MX Merchant, you can complete your PCI compliance through an easy online portal with the trusted PCI vendor, ControlScan.