What is the PCI Compliance Fee?

Dharma does not charge extra for PCI, but you are required to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and web-scanning. Web scanning is required per PCI Compliance regulations for any merchant processing over an Internet (IP) connection – so this will impact online/virtual merchants, and any merchant who connects their credit card terminal to an ethernet (IP) connection. Dharma partners with both Sysnet / PCI Protection and Trustwave to offer PCI Compliance to our merchants, and included with ControlScan’s services is a $100,000 data breach insurance plan to protect you against an attack.

All merchants are required to go through an annual PCI compliance questionnaire. This questionnaire is very easy and typically only takes about 10 minutes to complete. We have live representatives who are happy to assist with this step! Should your account not be PCI Compliant, we do have a $39.95/month non-compliance fee. We don’t want to see you paying this and will actively assist in ensuring your PCI compliant.