Please Read Your Welcome Packet!

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Please Read Your Welcome Packet!

In the “we told you so” department, Dharma always sends out a welcome email to our new merchants containing critical, relevant, important, essential, valuable, and helpful information on the use and care of your new merchant account.

Things like where to find customer support phone numbers, and how to log onto your online portal for reporting and monthly statements, and where to find tips on protecting against chargebacks and fraud, to how long it takes for funds to hit your account, where to go for account changes, and on and on. Many explanations are floating around as to why merchants often are not reading this material. Some think that it takes a college degree to read the information; some think that it is related to the latest “birther” conspiracy; some feel that is it because Mercury is retrograde (or at the very least, needs repaving); and some people are thinking, “Why bother with having to read stuff when I can simply call Dharma to ask.”

Whatever the reason, we wholeheartedly encourage all of our merchants to become familiar with information in their Welcome Packet email, and to file this information in an accessible location! (We are happy to forward a copy of your Welcome to Dharma packet upon request.)